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The "Bashful Bath" Plot


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The "Bashful Bath" Plot. Is now... More Roman? :mosking

I had to wait for an opportunity to get a screen-shot. When the bath wasn't being swarmed with overheated Settlers. :friends

It is summer and getting kind of hot. Still, Mama Murphy seems to be procrastinating in hemming/sewing up some PC-PG rated swimsuits. As she relaxes in her chair, in the shade making cat calls every time Sturges walks by toting more scrap.

You know? I think she might be a little crazy?
Eldarth, Love your mod. It really is a lot of fun! :good

I really did want to be careful here in what I posted. If you are of age or maybe not, just use your imagination. You know who you are! :buba :jester
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So, how does the bath work exactly? It says it is supposed to remove rads, but it doesn't seem to be doing that for me.