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Retake Quincy!


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You and the boys should retake Quincy in CHP3, I mean GNN is so close to Quincy! It would be awesome to retake it and build it back up..

Rebuild the buildings, rebuild the defenses, and have a proper city in Fallout! I mean It's free real estate isn't it?

Feel free to add to this with replies, IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE WHAT WE COULD COME UP WITH!


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Not sure about Quincy retaking, Yeah I love to see it , though if to many things are changing the game might become unstable and savegame bloats are around the corner. I found that area a bit unstable anyway :D Jamaica Plains is around the corner.


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Not to put a damper on this, but I'm pretty sure Kinggath has said a few times that a "retake Quincy" type thing will not be part of SS2.

But there's nothing stopping others from creating a mod like this. It would likely be quite popular yet a lot of work.
Aren't there like five mods that let you turn Quincy into a settlement? I've never used one [though I tend to turn the Quincy Red Rocket into a fire-base full of missile and fatman turrets] but they have been around a while/