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  1. Reconphil

    Question RotC - Complex City Plans Version

    Is there a way to set the version of RotC - Complex City Plans, currently 1.0.1 on Nexus so it doesn't show up as out of date? It assumes RotC - Complex City Plans should be 4.2.9.
  2. Spotnyk

    No Response SS with City Overhauls?

    Greetings, Is it okay to use SS/RoTC/IR/Conq (incl pre-gen settlements) with city overhaul mods such as "Better Goodneighbor" or "Diamond City Expansion"? Also, is it okay to use SS with some large new settlement set piece quests like "The Train"?
  3. J

    No Response Designer's Choice?

    If i activate the designer's choice of plots for city building after the city have been built, how can i apply them? I Have two cities lvl 2 and would like to not start over in order to apply this.
  4. RayBo


  5. Dank Rafft

    Any city plans with advanced industrial plots from IR?

    As the title says I'm looking for city plans which incorporate the advanced industrial plots from Industrial Revolution without requiring a shitload of other settlement mods or add-on packs. Are there any?
  6. E

    List of City Plans with descriptions and credits?

    Hello. I am lost and can't find a list of city plans currently in ROTC on the wiki to see credits of who made them and also the theme/focus (IE: Martial or Industrial) for settlement locations I haven't found or settled yet. Could somebody help me find it? NOTE: I couldn't find the spoiler...
  7. Cranky Cat

    Invisible city build items (floors, walls, etc)

    Usually I get something or other which is invisible in a given city build which doesn't happen to me in manually built settlements. Generally it'll be a shack bridge, walkway, or fence section. The invisible object will have collision and I can walk on the invisible sections, can't go through...
  8. C

    Not a bug City Planner Gets Scrapped

    Everytime i start the settlement build by pressing "Yes, Tear it all down" the city planner gets scrapped and if i build a new one it Associates the city with Covenant i got fallout for pc mainly for this and some other mods please help!
  9. Big Remote 117

    Red rocket crash.

    Playing on gen 1 Xbone Game is crashing at red rocket when arriving via APC mod and whenever attempting to craft anything. Probably 50% of the time I do iether of those. It's not a city I use it as my "house". But there are cities at sanctuary and Abernathy farm. I'm getting ready to clean save...
  10. Cranky Cat

    Red Rocket plan - no food, beds with no mattresses

    In the Red Rocket (next to Sanctuary) I set it to build using the plan but I just got martial plots and one scrap plot. The army cots in the roof building have no mattresses on them and based on items on top of the bed base it looks like there should be. Perhaps this is why I have to build my...
  11. Cranky Cat

    Question - Does donating scrap affect non-plan settlements?

    Hi all just a quick question. Does donating scrap do anything if I'm not using a city plan and it's just a hand built settlement?
  12. Cranky Cat

    ROtC city plans with specific plans for plots?

    Can you specify which blueprints get built for specific plots in a city plan? I'm mostly thinking about things like the gatehouse or spider gate or those multi-part joined plots such as the Warchild/WarRig house and martial plan or joined left/right apartments, etc.