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so something that has always bothered me while playing simsettlements is how you can seamingly no matter what you can build all the advanced industrial buildings at every settlement that can fit them. now this might not bother others but it kind of bothers me since i play or played games like frostpunk, cities skylines, simcity (2013), cities XL, factorio And the anno games (yeah i'm one of those)

Now granted some resources like scrap or robots are common enough that most likely any settlement can gather those but i feel like only certain settlements can harvest certain resources, forcing people to expand outwards instead of just hiding away at the top of the map with a bunch of level three citys. for instance places near forest's should be able to build lumber mill's. places near water or on the water table should be able to build waterpumps and so on. granted stuff like iron mines and oil wells will need some imagination but i think it should be atleast looked into as a possible feature.