NDCowdy, Egret 'Scrappers' Marina, May 2019

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    Sep 30, 2017
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    Cutting it a bit fine this round, had a lot of distractions this month. But here's my contribution to the already great looking collection.

    Egret Scrappers Marina
    A scarp collecting community, taking salvage from the river before transferring it to their scrap processing warehouse. The river also provides clean water and power from experimental hydro-electric generators.
    Houses and employs 15 settlers by level 3. Plots: it should be safe using any, but I made use of those from Wasteland Ventures, Industrial City, Junk Town, Year 1, IDEK, and Ruined Homes.
    Balanced to be self sufficient with food and water, and maintenance costs in profit.

    01 Front Gate.jpg 02 Ariel.jpg 03 High Street.jpg 04 Scrap Factory.jpg 05 Water Purification.jpg 06 Hydo Power.jpg 07 Docks.jpg 08 South Walls.jpg 09 Player Home.jpg 10 The Bar.jpg
    Level 3 save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhsxk2iokq49eff/lvl 3 Egret Marina_NDCowdy.zip?dl=0
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    I love the way you made the whole scrap processing look fully functional. Really nice touch!
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    Despite my oft-repeated expressions of frustration with my own reliance upon The Grid, I actually really *like* the squareness of this plan.

    Egret Tours basic setup is so perfectly gridded to start, that building upon that structure works quite nicely.

    I also am impressed with the use of the interior of the boat barn.
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  4. altasilvapuer

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    Jun 24, 2018
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    WHOAH! Great idea with the hydro-fans! I like that one. I might recommend a third red buoy next to the more-inland of the two fans, so no one runs into it, but otherwise I like the attention to detail around the settlement. You integrated it with the base settlement really well, especially given Egret's more restrictive build limit compared to Kingsport.

    The entrance sign is fun, too, and has me chuckling at its pluckiness. Nice work!

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