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city plan

  1. RogueKnight24

    Solved SS AIO 4.2.9a City Plan menu not working

    Hello everyone. I recently got back into FO4 because of all the new updates, and after a couple tries managed to get a stable-ish modlist in MO2 and save. With a little patience for the scripts to kick in, I've had no real issues with SS. However, I really wanted to try out a couple of City...
  2. atlantanotgeorgia

    Question Somerville Place on XB1

    I seem to keep running into an issue with the Somerville Place City Plans on XB1. No matter which plan I choose, my settlers will take everything down, but not build. I've walked completely away from the cell, waited, etc, but absolutely nothing happens. As far as I know, there should be no...
  3. MrCJohn

  4. T

    Suggestion I would love

    I would love some city plans for sanctuary i like options for it besides the rotc plan and the junktown plan lol
  5. M

    Question City Plans never generate enough beds

    Every single settlement I use has been with ROTC City Plans. I love it so far and things are working out pretty well. However I have seriously unhappy settlements. There are never enough beds! I finally went through and counted and found I did have 10 beds not the 9 that was showing. I went...
  6. NDCowdy

    Sanctuary of the Lost and Found - Masters 2020

    Sanctuary of the Lost and Found The story of Sanctuary Hills started small. The tales told of an unassuming place, a place compelling only for its one curious occupant. They would tell of a domestic robot waiting for his pre-war mistress and master to return home with their young son. The...
  7. M

    Question Rotcw builds

    I'm on Xbox and was wondering how large do I need to increase my settlement size cap to see a full city if I put codsworth in charge of sanctuary. All I see is a bunch of floating stairs and no beds or actual houses yet. I know you said no over 100% increase for Xbox users but I'd like to see...
  8. Sirlach

    Broken Build Limits - Rule Change and Extension.

    @Tiamazzo @MadGax @aSemioticGhost @NDCowdy @xMORIDARx @Modhunter @harkness13 @kinggath @uituit Due to the issues everyone seems to be having and pending a technical investigation into the problems we are removing the build limit as a rule this month. So if the CP at L3 with a full population...
  9. NDCowdy

    Dalton Harbor, July 2020

    Port Dalton: A fishing port which grows to provide homes, work and resources for 15 settlers. It has a small over production of food, and is self sufficient with water, defence and maintenance costs. Add-ons used: Wasteland Ventures 1 & 2, Sim Scrappers, IDEK's Logistics, Rise of the...
  10. Sirlach

    July 2020 Competition (Dalton Farm FH OR Covenant)

    Settlement: Dalton Farm (Far Harbour) OR Covenant ! Dalton Farm (Far Harbour) Covenant Ladies and Gentle Builders! We have saved the BEST for last! This month you can choose from one of these two delightful locations! Go BIG with Dalton Farm or Focus on quality for Covenant! (Mini and...
  11. S

    Question Conqueror Cutscene Crash

    I was playing Fallout 4 with conqueror and my gang had recently raided Red Rocket ( the one in front of the sanctuary, not Nuka World) I had wanted to let it be hands-off so I had assigned Cait as a Commander I picked tear it all down then the cutscene started from above. It was going well but...
  12. l3rokken4ngel

    Vault 88 City Plan Question

    I've tried googling/youtubing this question for the past 30 minutes and haven't had much luck. I just placed the Vault 88 city plan and it says it's 6 settlers. Does this get bigger as it levels up? Or should I just build it from scratch myself. I can't seem to find anything that shows a level 3...
  13. Sirlach

    Its all happening round here....

    Kinggaths Latest Mod News Video -> June 2020 Contest Specifics -> Updated City Plan Contest Mod ->
  14. Sirlach

    April 2020 Voting is up now

  15. Sirlach

    Calling All City Builders - Strong Needs You!

    to enter the May 2020 Competition! "Strong bored. Need more CIty Plans" Time is running out to enter the May competition! Create a city in Echo Lake Lumber that Strong would be proud of! Entries here. Specifics here.
  16. Sirlach

    How to export City Plans using Workshop Framework.

    Hi Everyone. I have done a quick tutorial on how you can export your 4 level City Plans using Workshop Framework 1.20+ Shout out to @NDCowdy whose winning CP features in the video.
  17. Sirlach

    May 2020 Specifics

    Settlement: Echo Lake Lumber (Far Harbor) Theme Suggestions: a) I'm a lumberjack BUT I'M NOT OK! b) OMG NOT ANOTHER Church of ATOM City Plan. :) c) Surprise us. We LOVE surprises! Important Notes about this Round Echo Lake Lumber is part of Fah Harboor and is only unlocked as a settlement...
  18. Teebs

    Delete orphaned idle animation markers?

    Hi Team - Currently playing with pre-built settlements. However, sometimes I want to change the city plan from the default to something from the City Plan contests. The tear-down and rebuild works fine, but often the idle animations (blue ghosts) are left behind. The same happens...
  19. victorstillwater

    Solved Level 13. Trying to get more new settlers, but not sure how?

    Hello! So, I'm playing a non-Conqueror game (technically never finished Fallout 4, so this is my main game now...) . I'm running Sim Settlements 3-in-1 with the Year One/Two/Three Megapacks, but I'm having trouble understanding how to acquire more settlers or making sure all my settlers have a...
  20. Sirlach

    You need to be in it to win it!

    Calling all Settlement Builders! As Kinggath Just announced in the -> to be eligible to enter this years Masters Contest you must have a completed entry in the Season 2 competition! An entry in Season 1 does not give you a place so if your suddenly finding yourself with a lot of time on your...