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city plan

  1. afz

    I'm a terrible person (City Plans with forbidden mods)

    Hi y'all. So, first time layout creator here. I read all about the known issues, and I know there are certain mods I shouldn't use, like scrap mods and build area extension mods... And yet, I went and used them. I know, it's horrible, and I won't blame you if you can't help me, but will...
  2. Sirlach

    City Plan Contest Season 3 - Coming SOON!

    Calling ALL Settlement Builders! Kinggath has just published the rules and guidelines for the new season of the City Plan Contest! We have put a lot of thought into the planning to ensure a bigger and better competition this year and we are really looking forward to seeing the amazing community...
  3. Blackbelt

    [SS2] Vault 88 City Plan

    Original Vault 88 city plan. When at level 3 plots and city the vault can house over 20 people. It is meant to be connected to a caravan network with sufficient food.
  4. Dman883

    SS 2 stopped working/can't assign

    Using SS2 with FO4VR. Used the instructions to get it working someone posted. Has been working fine for several days. Manually built several residential and industrial sites in Sanctuary using ASAMs. Used the city planner's desk to start building up Ten Pines and Starlight drive in. No problems...
  5. bindermichi

    Problems with settlement City Plan scraping and re-building

    Rebuilding a city plan shows some more or less annoying bugs with "leftovers" find the following scenarios Starting a City Plan after manually putting down some plots Scraping Settlement to rebuild at any time Both will create leftovers during the "reset" phase. In most cases just remaining...
  6. Pdrew619

    Vault 88 basic city plan not working

    Hi all, I've just finished the Vault-Tec workshop DLC and decided to use a city plan for Vault 88 but it seemingly hasn't built anything, it just resets the settlement and that's it. Also, everytime I try to build anything there it crashes my game. I'm on Xbox One by the way. Is there anything...
  7. L

    Possible fatal bug when selecting city plans before assigning leader?

    So, this is not a quest bug, but at the quest where we had to choose a leader, I chose Taffington Boathouse, then I selected a city plan, the cinematic camera showed me that it's scrapping everything, but it didn't build anything, because it then tells me that the leader needs to be assigned to...
  8. Codaine420

    Starlight drive-in blueprint I think is kinda good

  9. G

    City plans not working or I'm dumb?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the mod, I'm enjoying the hell out of the quests and I think you deserve some modding award for this project (if that's even a thing...). I can't get city plans to work though, I tried turning of time in the immersion options, tried in a different settlement, reassigned the...
  10. SlavDoomer

    Issue after using city plan

    Hello, guys. I have a big truble with builng. Look, I use city plan plan as well, all is good. But after that I try to enter to building mode by pressing the button and it just chane the view from 1st person to 3rd. Okay, I try it by the click at workshop and it it works! ... For five seconds...
  11. GonzoIV

    Minus 1000 every resource

    I have no idea how this happened to clarify, but I'm using the default city plan for sanctuary, and as you can see, all of the resources are minus one thousand. I've tried refreshing the city plan, and straight up rebuilding the whole thing and losing all my progress, and every time it seems to...
  12. T

    City Plans- Not All Plots are Built Instantly?

    I sent the rescued group to Taffington Boathouse with Old Paul, and used the city plans. Cue fly-by, pretty music, and the like, but when that's all done, only a handful of plots were constructed. I now have some settlers saying they work as a merchant, but their plot is not being constructed...
  13. RogueKnight24

    Solved SS AIO 4.2.9a City Plan menu not working

    Hello everyone. I recently got back into FO4 because of all the new updates, and after a couple tries managed to get a stable-ish modlist in MO2 and save. With a little patience for the scripts to kick in, I've had no real issues with SS. However, I really wanted to try out a couple of City...
  14. atlantanotgeorgia

    Question Somerville Place on XB1

    I seem to keep running into an issue with the Somerville Place City Plans on XB1. No matter which plan I choose, my settlers will take everything down, but not build. I've walked completely away from the cell, waited, etc, but absolutely nothing happens. As far as I know, there should be no...
  15. MrCJohn

  16. T

    Suggestion I would love

    I would love some city plans for sanctuary i like options for it besides the rotc plan and the junktown plan lol
  17. M

    Question City Plans never generate enough beds

    Every single settlement I use has been with ROTC City Plans. I love it so far and things are working out pretty well. However I have seriously unhappy settlements. There are never enough beds! I finally went through and counted and found I did have 10 beds not the 9 that was showing. I went...
  18. NDCowdy

    Sanctuary of the Lost and Found - Masters 2020

    Sanctuary of the Lost and Found The story of Sanctuary Hills started small. The tales told of an unassuming place, a place compelling only for its one curious occupant. They would tell of a domestic robot waiting for his pre-war mistress and master to return home with their young son. The...
  19. M

    Question Rotcw builds

    I'm on Xbox and was wondering how large do I need to increase my settlement size cap to see a full city if I put codsworth in charge of sanctuary. All I see is a bunch of floating stairs and no beds or actual houses yet. I know you said no over 100% increase for Xbox users but I'd like to see...
  20. Sirlach

    Broken Build Limits - Rule Change and Extension.

    @Tiamazzo @MadGax @aSemioticGhost @NDCowdy @xMORIDARx @Modhunter @harkness13 @kinggath @uituit Due to the issues everyone seems to be having and pending a technical investigation into the problems we are removing the build limit as a rule this month. So if the CP at L3 with a full population...