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Primary Bug Report Mod Start - Stranger fails to show up after building, powering, and activating a Recruitment Beacon


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I downloaded the mod a couple of hours ago, but I have yet to begin anything. I don't know how to get the ASAM Sensors because they're not in the spot they were originally with the first Sim Settlements (Museum of Freedom). I found a magazine on the Sanctuary workshop, so I built a recruitment beacon and waited... and nothing happened.... no stranger arrived. I waited for around 15 minutes (IRL) and there was no progression. All I want to know is how to collect the ASAM Sensors in a very specific set of instructions please.


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Okay, so I disabled every mod except for ss2, hud framework and workshop framework and I'm still having the same issue. Completely new game, no change. Sorry to say, but this has lost all the appeal for now. Maybe when the compatability issues have been smoothed out, I'll give it another go.

Sorry to hear.
I can understand your frustration and hope in the future things work.
Sadly, there may not be a "fix" to SS2 for the issues you describe - as what you are describing most of the time turns out to NOT be anything with SS2.

One last question: what mod manger and platform are you using?

If you are using PC, then I strongly suggest using a more modern mod manager - either vortex or mo2.
Other mod managers (or no mod manager) can often leave old files behind - resulting in a variety of issues.

A good mod manager helps in finding issues and turning mods on and off;
  • Vortex is powerful, somewhat easy to use, and well supported.
  • Mod organizer 2 is very powerful, not as easy to use, and well supported.

Both are used successfully by tens of thousands of users.
Check on youtube for tutorials by gamerpoets on successful installation.

But I can understand if you need a break from it for now - that is one reason I hop between games - when some set up or another (or driver updates - thanks windows) causes issues.