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Gun For Hire Conflict


New Member
Recently when I went to the GFH headquarters there was random settlement objects at the door blocking me from moving. I went to the GFH page to see what was going on and the creator said that Sim Settlements conflicts with the mod by placing things in there for whatever reason and that it was a Sim Settlements issue and their was nothing he could do. I used the search on the forums to see if their was a similar post but didn't see one and just wanted to report the bug and to see if their are any plans on fixing this issue. I can provide more information on the issue if needed.


Well-Known Member
I mean it isnt a HUGE space so you wont be making Diamond City 2.0 in there or anything, but from my memory of the room sizes it would work nicely as a resupply/drop off point connected to your trade network - caravan, doctor, ammo vendor, maybe bar... nice little "depot" type deal, I can see it being nice for Survival players. And iirc it is more "floor space" than Hangmans Alley...