Fixed Don't Drink the Bathwater

Discussion in 'Industrial Revolution (Bug Reports) (Archive)' started by Jonnan, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Dec 3, 2017
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    Found a thread on this from 2018, but my issue seems to be different. I just thought this was a base quest I had never triggered before.

    I found a journal on a raider that referenced Edwins cabin, but the description and such definitely made me think of that maze down at the parking garage by Fallon's. That's also where the quest marker showed when I activated this quest, with the stage 'Confront Magnum'.

    Unfortunately I made it to the top of the garage and nothing there. Just a quest marker.
    Note, there were no previous stages to this quest which from the other thread I get the impression it should have been given to me by a settler, directed to Edwins cabin first, then from there to the Garage. I just found a journal and it never gave me anything else.

    Not sure if this is broken beyond repair or if it will start working when I find Edwins Cabin.
  2. kinggath

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    May 8, 2017
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    Fixed in 4.0.8.

    If anyone else had this happen, try drinking from the Distillery bathtub several times in a row to fix things.
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    I've got a problem with this quest. I started the quest in 4.0.7 (I think). Drank from tub. I passed out but woke up still in the distillery. If remember correctly it was quite hard to get out. I was stuck in the furnishing somewhat.

    Played on not knowing if anything was amiss. Eventually, I start to randomly get jumped by Raiders whenever I wake up from sleeping. I figure the bounty note they have on them has something to do with this quest and I will eventually find the location it references.

    I finally stumble by dumb luck upon Tom Stanford., but here are no bodies in the kitchen to search.

    I updated yesterday to 4.0.9 and then drank from tub again a number of times. Still no luck it seems.

    Does the quest depend on searching these bodies to proceed? Can you accidentally just stumble upon the end stage?

    I've been to both these places after meeting Tom and there doesn't appear to be anything quest related.

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