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Advanced Industrial Plots all show undiscovered


New Member
I have been using Sim Settlements for almost 2 years now and have done several characters using it. I decided to try SS2, but didn't like it so I went back to my 3 in 1. I also added the Advanced HUD Framework before starting a new character. Well things have gone awry. I build one of virtually every AI Plot in Sanctuary so I could get the upgrades as quickly as possible. Well nothing is being added to the stockpile, nothing is being added to the workshop and the tech tree shows everything undiscovered. The HUD shows full power, full defense, over 80% happiness. ASAM sensors show green. It has frustrated me so much I feel like just deleting it, and that's a sad thing. :(
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Before I updated all the mods, I had no HUD and everything worked as long as my happiness was high enough.
Having a slightly similar problem with tech tree except mine discovered a few things early on in the game. Fast forward 20 hours of gameplay nothing else is getting unlocked