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Info Needed A Quick guide on bugs (readme)

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Reporting bugs is crucial to further development of Sim Settlements. If you are reporting a bug in the mod please be specific and to save yourself some time and check the wiki first.

If you have a "bug" problem or suggestion with the website or the wiki please use the appropriate forum. :giver:

Harry Young

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"Bug" is the only prefix that should be user set.

If you're on PC and reporting an issue- if possible, upload your save to a dropbox or similar account with your character near the problem. Kinggath can get a lot of useful information from save files to help improve the mod code.

Is it a bug?
If you experience an issue first make sure that you have the most recent release of Sim Settlements and its expansions. Same goes for Bugs with Salvage Beacon. If you intentionally use an older version of the game please go to the Patch notes on the wiki to see if it has been fixed.

Please read the FAQs
There’s a general FAQ for all Sim Settlements and specific FAQ for Rise of the Commonwealth expansion. Also please watch Kinggath’s videos, those are the manual for Sim Settlements. Whatever you are experiencing might be intended.

Search for earlier reports of the same bug
If your issue still occurs, then it’s likely a bug. Please go to the appropriate forum and check, if that issue is already reported (just scan the most recent 20 posts). If it has not been reported or you cannot find anything open up a new topic and flag it as a bug.

Please do not post similar issues in threads that are fixed or resolved. Instead, open a new thread and link the previous one. Otherwise, your request might be buried.

Please be specific in your report
Tell us what happened and under which conditions. If the issue is reproducible please give us some steps. You should take honest steps to resolve the issue by yourself (e.g. check for mod conflicts) note these down as well. Always make sure you have a save file and backups ready if you report crashes. If it is a Plot-Issue persisting after a refresh please provide a screenshot.

Processing the bug
Our support team will look at your issue. To provide information on the status of your bug we will change the tag of your topic using the following rules:
  • Bug: This is the initial status of a post. Unless we tell you otherwise you should always use this flag to start a topic.
  • Researching: One of our Support staff is taking a closer look at your issue. Please check back to see if we have any questions or steps we’d like you to perform.
  • Being looked at: Once your post has been flagged as being looked at it has been reported on our internal bug tracker.
  • Fixed: Your issue has been fixed in an update since you reported your issue. If that update still waits for release we will note that in a post. Please make sure to update your game. If the issue still persists please report back.
  • Resolved: The issue has been resolved through guidance from our support team or other forum members.
  • Not a Bug, Works as intended, Vanilla Bug, Non-SS-Bug: These posts have been marked as not relevant for SS development as they either are not caused by SS or are working as intended
  • Info: Posts with some general information. If they are still relevant they will also be pinned.
  • Duplicate: This has previously been reported, see last post for link to main issue. (Note: Duplicates will be locked)
  • Primary Bug Report: Used by the Support Team to highlight ongoing Bugs and Bugs ported over from Nexus.
We will add further information in this post over time.
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Please do not add the "Primary Bug Report" or most other prefixes to your own threads but be aware that a SS support team member will add it to your thread. "Bug" is the only prefix that should be user set.

As part of our effort to consolidate bug reports for Kinggath we have a couple of folks working on organizing things. We've started creating a primary bug report thread out of existing threads here on this forum which is also where we're copying the Nexus bug reports to. Duplicate bug report threads will also be linked to from the primary bug report by support staff. Additionally the various prefixes have specific meanings and if you add your own incorrectly it could result in your bug report being missed for tracking purposes.

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