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sunshine tidings co-op

  1. Freltzo

    [Video] Minutemen Liberator raid on raider controlled Sunshine Tidings Co-op

  2. J

    Solved Crash on Approaching or Fast Traveling to Sunshine Tidings.

    Hello. Whenever I try to fast travel to or approach Sunshine Tidings, my game CTD's immediately, with no freezing or anything first. I don't know if this is a bug or if it's something of my own doing, but I've done nothing in the settlement (that I can remember) besides run the city plan...
  3. NickolaiTheGreat

    Question What Do I Do After The First Assault?

    I finish the first assault quest, but Jammer won't let me do anything else. He keeps saying my crew is waiting on me to lead the assault and has no other dialogue options. I've tried assaulting Red Rocket, Sanctuary, Abernathy's, and Sunshine with varying amounts of raiders and every time the...
  4. Khtugg

    Not a bug Sunshine Tidings co-op magazine disappearance

    Hi all, I have a few days ago started a new playthrough utilising Conqueror, having selected the option to have prebuilt settlements and have reached Sunshine Tidings co-op but the magazine normally there is missing. It's the Wasteland Survival Guide #9, Hunting in the Wastes, the one that...
  5. R

    Sunshine tidings coop city plan not showing

    Whenever i try to build a city at sunshine tidings, there is no option to select a plan. The game just tells me that there are no city plans for the settlement. are there any solutions to this issue?
  6. Gobb

    Primary Bug Report Can't complete quest "taking point: Sunshine tidings co-op"

    So i just installed the mod and went to sunshine tidings co op to build a city. i put down a town mayor desk and assigned one of my followers to it and went through all the flying part. after that was over i noticed that there was an already built recruitment beacon so i scraped it and tried to...