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  1. S

    Strange Jake Private Frequency Problem's

    I can't advance the story of SS2 due to a strange bug. Whenever I listen to Jake's private frequency on the pipboy radio it instead plays Archibald's radio frequency instead. This is even weirder because I can also tune in to Archibald's radio frequency and I will get his repeated message over...
  2. Lancars

    Radio Station.

    I don't have the resources to pull something like this together and it would have to be a separate addon. A station with a random selection of home made music from people. From vocal to instrumental if they so please. Building design wise would have 2 floors. Radio up top and "recording" below...
  3. B

    Works as intended The Castle Radio Settler not counted towrds SS needs

    So i am trying to set up the castle after just having cleared it, and i am running in to a bit of a nuisance that appears to be an oversight in to how SS is coded with this guy (although it is entirely possible it is a problem solely on my side cause i find it strange i have found no other...
  4. Sterga

    Enclave Lore and Fan Radio?

    Enclave Lore It seems there isn't much depth to the Enclave lore wise. I read the wiki and watched some videos, but they seem to be a fairly generic evil empire. Basic gist I got was they're an old world, mysterious shadow government full of super patriots that want to rebuild America and kill...