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plot types

  1. B

    Multi-person residential plot issues

    Some of my level 3 (4 persons) multi-person residential plots will not fill up with settlers. Their resource usage is that of 2 or 3 settlers and when I go to assign "homeless" settlers, I get the dialog window stating the plot is full. I have 20 settlers in Sanctuary and 6 level 3 multi...
  2. Kefke_Wren

    Suggestion Agricultural Plot Variant: Depot

    After watching the latest update video yesterday, I got to thinking how Agricultural Plots are another type that seems a little out of place for a militarised encampment. As the title suggests, my solution for this is to have a "Depot" subtype plot. Agricultural would then become a subtype as...
  3. RayBo

    Suggestion Toggabble Power Pole Size on Exterior Plots.

    ha! This is a really goofy suggestion. :crazy Often, I do odd things with plots like clipping them into abnormal spaces or placing exterior plots in interior spaces. I find myself making caves or overhangs and building more and more in vaults. There are many full sized or singular martial...
  4. Cranky Cat

    Proportion of plot types when planning?

    So, how many plot types to you generally create when manually setting up a new settlement if you don't want to micromanage and build plots as settlers arrive? Residences are obvious depending on your charisma but then you need to figure out the proportion of agricultural vs commercial vs...