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new plot

  1. total1biscuit

    looking for animation makers for school addon plots

    i am going to be working on a full fledged addon pack for sim settlements adding schools and kids. i asked around about 2-3 years ago and found out by kingath that some of the animations for kids are missing for what im trying to do. i have not looked into this yet till i find a animation maker...
  2. Kefke_Wren

    Caravan Plots

    I just made this post in another thread, but it really felt like a bit of a departure from the thread topic. So, I kept thinking about it, and fleshing it out more. I think what I have now is pretty close to a complete idea. What I propose is a new plot type; Caravan These plots would be...
  3. Z

    Settlement unique plots

    This is a suggestion for some plots that only work in the settlement they are in. As an example of what I mean in sanctuary hills there is that one area where the road goes around in a circle around a large tree in the center. For this settlement, you would get a unique recreational plot to...
  4. OctoberJemini

    Residences not building

    I've started 2 new game plays and it appears that in both, the sanctuary settlement will not start building residences. Basically what i have done, is gone and save Preston and company and brought them back to Sanctuary. Instead of build beds for Sturges' mission, i decided to build...