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  1. A

    Solved Holotape not in game

    Hello! New here. so if this is in the wrong place, let me know. I just installed the mod through Vortex. Followed the instructions and everything. However, the holotape isn't in the location in Concord, and when I use the console command for "help "city manager" 4" it doesn't exist. I then...
  2. J

    Question CTD when going near settlement.

    Hi all, So I currently have the Sim Settlements 3-in1, Mega Pack Year's One and Three installed via Vortex. Everything with every settlement was running perfectly fine until I assigned a leader to Hangman's Alley and did the "auto-build" thing. I was able to go into the settlement fine to start...
  3. O

    Bug Sim settlement 1 canot be used with sims settlement 2 please disable one

    Hi i am new in here and i probably dont expect answer since its an ''old'' game but i just installed sim, sims 2 and sims 2 wasteland. But when i load them it appears the message : Sims Settlements.esm was detected. Sim Settlements 2 and the original Sim Settelment should not be used togheter...
  4. Ralz

    Solved No holotape through MCM, found at the chruch or through the console

    I recently reinstalled Fallout4 1.10.138 but for some reason SS is not working. It is appearing in MCM but i wasn't able to create a holotape or find it in the museum. I tried manually installing it (currently vortex). Is there a specific version of SS(4.2.9) for 1.10.138. or it is something...
  5. R

    Not a bug Zoning Laws & other Options Not Present

    Zoning Laws and possibly other menu options are not present within City Manager 2078. According to Sim Settlement videos, there should be a "Zoning Laws" option available when City Manager 2078 Holotape boots, however, only the following menu options appear: - ASAM Sensor Info - Options -...
  6. C

    Fixed Holotape still doesn't appear in museum even after trying suggested fix.

    I have already tried disabling every mod that I have leaving only SS AIO 4.0.0a. I also don't use HUDframework. Are there any other possible fix i could try? I also already reinstalled the game as well and prior to meeting Preston, I couldn't find it in the museum.
  7. C

    Closed Doesn't work properly when used with Workshop Plus

    I know it's weird since Kinggath made both mods but I already disabled all my other mods and only left 3: Workshop Framework 1.1.1 Workshop Plus 1.0.4 Sim Settlements All in One 4.0.0a If I place Sim Settlements on top I am able to install it using the holotape but I won't be able to fly in...
  8. T

    Three-in-one not working? 3.5.0

    I got the three-in-one through the mods menu in-game. I go to the museum and don't see the terminal, RobCo boxes or the holotape. I used console commands to get the holotape, but it keeps looping that first text screen. I would press OK then it would return back to that same screen. I have tried...
  9. S

    holotape doesn't register my pipboy

    when i put the holotape in my pip boy it says "Pip boy not found. unable to install auto management tool . please load this tape into a pip boy unit"
  10. Dracony

    Issues With The Holotape Options

    So I decided to make a new save and start Sim Settlements over fresh, and noted several issues with the holotape options: The Citizen Needs HUD is supposed to be in the middle by default. However, despite the option being Middle it always appears at the bottom of the screen. I have to cycle all...
  11. K

    Can't Find Zoning Options on Holotape

    I'm sorry if this is said somewhere else, but I've had no luck searching the site for an answer. I'm trying to find the setting to make vanilla beds count as homes, but it's not appearing in my holotape or the City Manager's desk. I've updated to the most recent Sim Settlements, but the options...
  12. S

    Holotape Problem

    I spent over 6 hours today and yesterday trying to figure out why the holotape is not working. It's not that i can't find it or something like that, but when i actually use it, it does not come with the pop-up saying i now have access to the sim settlement workshop category, and right it is i...
  13. IceCaps97

    Closed Small Spelling Error in Holotape

    This is not a "bug" but a small spelling error in the pipboy holotape. Load the City Manager 2078 Holotape, then navigate to [Tools] > [Show Tech Tree]. After it loads the technology trees, a message will appear: "The Tech Tree will be displayed after you exist your Pipboy." I believe "exist"...
  14. C B Wright

    Sim Settlements Holotape Settings unresponsive. Is there a way to trigger the wizard?

    I restart Fallout 4 quite a bit. This latest restart I decided to try something different with Sim Settlements by forgoing the "wizard" it offers up when you first load the holotape (i.e., "let us configure Sim Settlements based on you answering a few questions") and instead decided to through...
  15. CowbellRock

    Resolved Pipboy found, then not found? SS doesn't make it to the Settlement Menu

    I've used Sim Settlements with great success in the past, no issues at all. I haven't played since the Creation Club update and decided to update all my mods and make a new character to replay the game. I went to the location of the City Manager Holotape and shoved it into my Pipboy and saw...
  16. M

    No Holotape, No ASAM!

    There is no holotape! I downloaded this mod with a fresh start, i checked all the installation videos and followed every help guide. I have the correct files in the data folder i tried to do a clean save, no matter what i do the holotape doesn't show up, neither do the boxes. i know exactly...