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city planner

  1. M

    Question ROTCW City leader

    (Sorry it this is a dupe) I'm on Xbox and would like to know how high to set my settlement size to see progress for setting codsworth as the city manager of sanctuary. On one of your mod issue videos you said not to exceed 100%+ for Xbox users and I'm at about 58. All i see are half built...
  2. GeniuneEntropy

    New Conqueror Stuff & City Plan Questions.

    New assets are great. New outpost/settlement mechanics are great. Conqueror's great! I had a couple of questions that will probably only affect city planners, so this seems the right place. 1. Lots of assets are being flagged illegal at the moment (raider city desk and anything "spiked-corpsey"...
  3. Q

    What happens when Leaders build?

    I just started with SS, I installed the 3 in One version. I only have one settlement right now, and that's Sanctuary, and I was wondering what happens to all the Sanctuary houses if you build the City Planner Desk and assign a leader to build the settlement - will the Sanctuary houses be...
  4. I

    Project Blueprint Not Working

    Hey Fellow Builders, So I'm not the most Mod-Savvy, but I'm really interested in trying this City Planner Competition. So I installed all the necessary mods and such to get started. When i booted up the game, however, I received a message telling me I didn't have Project Blueprint installed...