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building confusion

  1. D

    Bug(?) - Not Enough Resources?

    Hey All. I seem to be having a fair bit of trouble with this mod and 'not enough resources' being the issue. As far as I can tell (new to the Mod, maybe im missing something?) I have enouh resources to build a new Industrial Plot, but when i try to 'start construction' it returns error for Not...
  2. D

    Question Items Not Appearing

    I originally got this mod through Bethesda and had no issue, however now that I am using Vortex it seems that some buildings are just not rendering or at least, rendering fully. I have tried looking for incompatibilities and I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but that doesn't seem to work...
  3. B

    Settlements tear down, but don't build

    I am going to preface this with the assertion that I am assuming I am an idiot. While I have watched the videos (in some cases several times), I think I must still be doing something wrong. That said, here's what is going on. No settlements that I assign a leader to, seem to do anything besides...
  4. OctoberJemini

    Residences not building

    I've started 2 new game plays and it appears that in both, the sanctuary settlement will not start building residences. Basically what i have done, is gone and save Preston and company and brought them back to Sanctuary. Instead of build beds for Sturges' mission, i decided to build...
  5. Mortdredd

    Help.... just help..... buildings "stalling"

    First off let me say I love the idea of this mod, i use to forget the game and just build, now i might actually get out and find my son. So I've followed Nexus guide to installing this game, the Wiki guide and the YouTube guide and i am having numerous issues. firstly the stack of sensors...
  6. Thebuttkicker

    Building purpose list?

    With all of the addons for SS I personally get confused as to which buildings produce what, and how much they should produce at each level. I think it would be great if there were a "master key" that for each addon the building name and then useful stats were put under it. Example of a use...