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  1. Kharon93

    Greentop Fertilizer Factory

    Welcome to Greentop Nursery, the Commonwealth's finest, and possibly only, fertilizer factory! Our dedicated facility processes waste organic matter and converts it into VitaLimeTM Garden Feed, renowned across the wasteland for its improvements to crop growth and harvest yields. Stop by for a...
  2. Kefke_Wren

    Suggestion Agricultural Plot Variant: Depot

    After watching the latest update video yesterday, I got to thinking how Agricultural Plots are another type that seems a little out of place for a militarised encampment. As the title suggests, my solution for this is to have a "Depot" subtype plot. Agricultural would then become a subtype as...
  3. L

    Closed I found an uncapatable mod

    Farming Equalized it causes agricultural lots to get stock as mud mounds and not grow any crops