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  1. MrJacean

    List of all affected cells or locations in SS2

    In process of creating an entirely new incarnation of the Commonwealth GECK mod with a different focus this time, and I'd like to make the adjustments before release to ensure it will be as compatible as possible with SS2 as I think they could go hand in hand together very well. So as the...
  2. Captain LaserBeam

    Jampads 2 - Jampads now available for Sim Settlements 2

    Jampads 2 is now live! My add-on, Jampads, has been converted and overhauled to work with Sim Settlements 2 features. All of the original plots have been included, some with a few tweaks. You can read about the features here, which includes details about each plot - including which ones are...
  3. VersusXV

    Sim Settlements 2 - Superstructures Addon Pack Additional New Plots for Sim Settlements 2 + Foundations/Terraformers + Interior Cell Settlement. Including the new Municipal type & various 1x1 & 3x3 sized plots. A variety of themes & some with simple designs, others with complex designs New...
  4. RayBo

    VFX Foundations

    hahahaha, if you can't find a foundation for your plot now? Well, "you're just too picky" :declare :bye :crazy
  5. RayBo

    Showcase No Question, Just Enjoyment and pictures!

    This here is one cool and functional plot. A great alternative to the desk solution that makes Coot's mod so essential. Highest compliments to both authors. Thank you. Everyone loves it! I love the fact that this is a plot that the player can have such a high level of interactivity with...
  6. RayBo

    Old Post I SAID "NO!!!!!"

    :mosking :rofl hahahaha, just experimenting with some new software. I have been toying with making some tutorials on game set-up, vortex and some out of game issues and decisions that I think cause in-game problems for some users. Also, I would like to do some showcasing of all the plots I...
  7. RayBo

    Old Post GamerPoets Rock xEdit and Raybo posts the first graphic SS adult content:secret

    These are some videos I thought some of you would find valuable, links below. Maybe, this will prevent the next thread about to clean or not clean game DLC. Cleaning DLC and Mods: Clean your ship-up :) Understanding your ESL, ESP, and Flagging! hahahaha, get plugged-in! :spiteful NOW...
  8. MrCJohn

    Question: ESP to ESL

    Has anyone tried this on the add-on packs? I have been playing around with this and have found that certain things, even though can be converted to ESL's... really shouldn't be... But one learns through failures! I knew something would break going down from 379 to 180 :) haha.... talk about...
  9. L

    Can't download Add-ons with Sim Settlements Lite

    Hey guys, So I made the mistake of downloading Sim Settlements Lite over the OG version a while back. I've really enjoyed the mod and have used it all throughout my settlements. Anyway, I recently bought the Vault-tec DLC and want to get the Sim settlements Add-on for that, but it won't let me...