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    Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons, I was able to bring on my first assistant!

    Ricky Summer will be handling our Youtube content going forward - it will still be my voice, but he'll be in charge of the video editing, and releases.

    With this newfound help, we're expanding the Youtube channel to have a lot more content! I've always wanted to do a few things that I haven't had time for, and have even amassed many hours of footage that's been waiting for editing.

    In the immediate future, you can expect the following:

    Tuesdays: Learn Sim Settlements - Little tutorial videos teaching all of the little nuances of playing Sim Settlements. This will be kind of a re-imagining of the In-Depth series, with a focus on more bite-sized chunks so you all have somewhere you can look things up without having to watch massive playlists.

    Thursdays: Let's Fix Fallout 76 - My version of a Let's Play, with a focus on planning mods for Fallout 76 once private servers are available.

    Fridays*: Patch Notes - Either Sim Settlements patch notes, or Mod News videos with the smaller patches to my other mods. *If there isn't any mod news, I won't be forcing these.

    Sundays: The KG Podcast - I'll be sitting down with various people to discuss Sim Settlements, Fallout, and gaming at large. The early episodes are going to focus on many of the people who have made Sim Settlements what it is today!

    We may expand in the future, but the rule of thumb I gave Rick, is that we always have to be adding value - no fluff content that wastes your guys' time just because we're on a schedule. We have tons and tons of great stuff planned!

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