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Suggestion Xbox One: Add Workshop Plus Layer Control Menu to Place Anywhere's Option Menu


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One problem with Workshop Plus on the Xbox One is that you have to exit workshop mode in order to use the layer control menu, so creating, switching, highlighting, deleting, duplicating layers is very inconvenient, especially if you have a bunch of workshop mods installed, because the build menu can take some time to load.

It is possible to open menus in workshop mode, but it requires some kind of event like grabbing and releasing an object. Place Anywhere can be configured to use such an event to open its options menu on specific objects.

To prevent Workshop Plus and Place Anywhere interfering with each other, it seems like the easiest option might be to simply have WS+ add an option to open its layer control menu onto the end of PA's options menu. That way, you could just grab and release any object to open PA's options menu, and scroll down to get access to the layer control menu.

Would this be feasible? Would it require the cooperation of Reg2k? Would it be possible to do without creating a dependency on PA?

It seems like it might be the least intrusive way to get access to the WS+ layer control menu while in workshop mode, especially since I'm pretty sure anyone using WS+ will almost certainly be using PA anyway.