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XBOX Installation and Update Instructions

Nuclear Fighter

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Hi there; I hope you're all doing well. I noticed there isn't much info for Xbox users on the wiki yet (understandable since the Sim Settlements 2 users are primarily on the PC), so I wanted to contribute some of my (basic) knowledge for installing and updating mods on the Xbox. Let me know if it's too wordy or unclear :grin. Take care!

Initial Installation
  1. Boot up Fallout 4 and from the Main menu screen, select Mods.
  2. From the in-game Mod menu, search for, select, and then download: Workshop Framework, Sim Settlements 2, HUDFramework, and any Sim Settlements 2 Add-ons.
  3. Workshop Framework and Sim Settlements 2 are both Master files, so they will stay loaded at the top of a load order. Place HUDFramework and any Sim Settlements 2 Add-ons/other mods below WF and SS2.
    • UFO4P
    • Workshop Framework
    • Sim Settlements 2
    • Sim Settlements 2 Addons
    • HUDFramework
    • All other mods
  4. Downloaded mods are automatically enabled on the Xbox.
  1. Before updating any mod, check out released patch/version notes or special instructions regarding the changes the impending update introduces. Since Xbox cannot revert back to a previous version of a mod, extra precautions must be taken to ensure the update does not corrupt your current save file. Only update if absolutely necessary!
  2. To update Workshop Framework, Sim Settlements 2, or any Sim Settlements 2 add-ons:
    • Make a hard save on your current game (no quick saves, autosaves, or exit saves).
    • Favorite Workshop Framework, Sim Settlements 2, or any Sim Settlements 2 add-ons, and make a note of their location within your load order.
    • Disable and delete WF, SS2, or any add-ons that you want to update, and then clear your cache to completely remove the files the mods might have left behind in your game.
    • Open up the in-game Mod menu and re-download WF, SS2, or any add-ons you wanted to update. When you download/update mods on the Xbox, they are automatically placed at the bottom of your load order (unless they are a Master file). Be sure to rearrange the mods back into their previous order (example listed above in Initial Installation). Exit the game and start up Fallout 4 once again to complete the download/upgrade process.
DISCLAIMER: Following this process may reduce the chance of data corruption when updating a mod mid-playthrough, though that isn’t guaranteed. Always make a back-up save (without mods) you can return to should the update not work out the way it is intended to. If nothing else works, be prepared to start a new game!
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