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    Sunshine Tidings Mercer Safehouse is Yagisan's entry into the Oct 2018 City Plan design competition. Sunshine Tidings Mercer Safehouse is a small "farming" community that produces mixed produce. Sporting a bar, furniture store, pizzeria, and a fully equipped workshop. Includes a small player home. Supports 15 settlers.

    Settlement: Sunshine Tidings
    Requires Version 3.5.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements 3-In-1

    Levels: 3
    Balanced: Yes
    Max Settlers: 15
    Player Home: Yes
    File Type: ESL

    Required DLC

    Yagisan's Standard Designer's Choice Mods
    Designer's Choice Mods are additional Sim Settlements plots that are used in most City Plans. To ensure the city plan looks as intended, you should have them installed.
    Missing mods will result in random plots taking the place of chosen plots. This may result in settlements not matching their themes.
    Sim Settlements - IDEK's Logistics Station (ESL Version)
    Sim Settlements - Mega Pack - Year One
    Sim Settlements - Junk Town
    Sim Settlements - Flotsam and Jetsam
    Sim Settlements - Wasteland Venturers 2 (All-In-One)
    Sim Settlements - Industrial City
    Sim Settlements - Ruined Homes and Gardens
    Sim Settlements - Scrappers
    Sim Settlements - SimHomestead
    Sim Settlements - Altairp's Animal Farm
    Sim Settlements - Creations By COOTS
    Sim Settlements - MrJoseCuervo Addon Pack
    Sim Settlements - VaultLand
    Sim Settlements - Vault-Tec Tools
    Sim Settlements - Awsometown
    Sim Settlements - RS Buildings
    Sim Settlements - Plots by Paw Paw
    Sim Settlements - VFX Downtown
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