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Old Post WSFW and Lots More Settlers and Enemies


New Member
In doing my due diligence installing mods, I've run across mention that some exceptions have possibly been built into WSFW to "turn over" settler spawning to other popular settler mods. I was curious whether Lots More Settlers and Enemies is included in that? If so, how is that implemented?

I'm running WSFW and LMS&E (our world is driven by acronyms...) together now. I've no issues so far, but I've casually tested the spawning and noticed that either mod can spawn settlers that show up when I turn on the beacon. When I do a recycleactor on the settler, it seems to always pull from the mod that spawned it (I'm using Better Console, by the way). Maybe what I'm seeing is WSFW's exceptions in action, and I'm perfectly happy that they share. But again, I was just curious to confirm that.

Thanks for any response! I'm a big SS fan! I need to join the fanclub and get a tshirt. lol