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    when i first played SS-C, got bogged down by WRE. the reason was simple... the settlement build mentality. straight away, i built some plots that i thought were essential for a base of operations (eg, water plot and electricity plot). tying up the NPCs in those messed up the WRE ratios. so getting a vassal was tough if not impossible. it was a stark choice: turn off needs or revamp my mindset. the latter isn't easy as a liberator because you don't benefit from Jammer's invisible hand. and tbh, i took and understand calculus but don't want to use it to find some inflection point in a game

    now fast forward. me and the boys are live. just spent time roaming and cleaning the 'wealth with personal guards. without trying, getting a vassal (settlement) was easy as pie. ironically, more recruits are showing up at the outpost. so, now plots are going up. bars are all near full if not maxed.

    one part of me would like a cushion... so i could use 3 or so SS-C NPCs to work basic plots i'd like for any outpost (settlement). another part would like a liberator counterpart to jammer
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