Fixed Workshop Framework and Conqueror - Takeover bug?

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    This is related to Workshop Framework as well.
    I posted this here because I think it only impacts pre-built settlements.

    TL;DL - Workshop Settlement's "Claim This Settlement" partially works, though not fully on pre-built settlements. Plot's can't be interacted with.

    Details -

    I started a new game, waited in the Vault until pre-generation was all done.
    I setup Sanctuary myself, not using a city plan. No issues.
    I ignored Jammer for now, just started wondering after helping Preston.

    I wonder to the now pre-built Outpost Zimonja and look around, noticing the City Planner's Desk and is disabled, settlers won't trade with me, and plots won't allow me to interact with them beyond the "R - Look At Plaque" option. This is expected, I don't own this settlement.

    I use Workshop Framework's MCM -> "Claim This Settlement". It says I now own the settlement.

    The settlers now allow me to trade, the City Planner's Desk works, but the plots themselves still do not allow interaction.

    Anytime I click the "E - Options" it just beeps at me. I fast travel to Sanctuary, plots there interact just fine. I get the options, etc. So its limited to just Zimonja still acting like I don't own the settlement.

    I fast travel back, still won't work in Zimonja. I save and restart the game. Still can't interact with plots.

    Small Edit to this:

    In another post I saw from kinggath - "Once you take control, the building plans will be selectable after a few minutes. You'll need to use the ASAM Sensor to do it though, as there's currently a bug that prevents the plots themselves from being interactive. It is fixed in 4.0.4, which is scheduled for release on Friday."

    I'm going to say this is the same thing and just leave this here for anyone who has the same issue - Wait for 4.0.4.
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    Marking this fixed, as it should be all set in tomorrow's patch. If you continue to have this issue, let me know.

    I'm certain I have it resolved for new saves, but its possible that the startup code I wrote to try and retro fix it won't work for everyone.

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