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    So I finally got conqueror to work. Long story. I took out everything including cc content and now I can play. Added a few mods in and all is stable. My question is. When we take over a settlement that's not pre-built do I build just like in normal Sim settlements or do the Raiders handle everything? It's not really obvious to me. Also I seem to have an issue with keeping control of the settlements I have, I've assigned patrols and guards. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
    Thanks for the great mod.
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    My apologies if you already know some of this, just trying to be thorough.
    Since most city plans were setup to fill settlers needs, you may have to change some plots to account for Conqueror needs
    Outposts operate off of recreation and martial plots, like a military base.
    Vassals operate of of food and vendors, to feed and pay your soldiers with.
    And Industries are needed to supply ammo/weapons.
    You can turn off your SS needs HUD that usually displays on the left side since you will be more concerned with Conqueror needs.

    Make sure to add resources to the War desk(Recruitment Management), depending on which faction you are using the items will vary. Also caps to pay the troops.
    The top bar on the left side of you Conqueror HUD displays your control of the settlement.
    Here are a few videos that Kinggath put out that should help more.

    And lots more:

    Good Luck
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    Yes and double like!

    This is perfectly put. I've been trying for a couple days to figure out how to say/distill this in less than a novel.

    From now on I'm just quoting you.

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