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[Withdrawn] Croup-38 City Plan: March 2019 Contest


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Croup-38 City Plan

Welcome to Croup-38, stranger, where everybody is welcome until they’re not. We’ve a motel on the outskirts, you passed it on the way in, and traders from Bunkerhill and elsewhere have a spot for their brahmin for trading and jawin’. You’ll always find Chuck or Jackyln up in their Barn o’ Stuff, and we’ve got a right nice bar and real shitters in the main house. I bet you're here for the silt coffee, though, ain't ya? I can see it in your eyes. The Slog is known for it's tarberries, but we're all about the bean at Croup-38.

What's that? Ah, the power plant. It's safe. Safer than anywhere. When that rat bastard Mayor over at Diamond City kicked out all the ghouls, he kicked out their best engineer. Ol Croup is what we call him now. He built that thing his goodself. He's friendly enough if you're friendly in return. On the other hand if you’re lookin’ for trouble, well, remember that Old Croup is old, not blind. He’ll not hesitate to backshot you when you run! That's what happened to the last raider what came calling - there, up in the cage above the gate. Shot, locked up there to rot. We don't tolerate raiders.

My submission for the March 2019 City Plan Contest is Croup-38 and is budget friendly even at level 3, built for 14 inhabitants. I have crashing problems with city plans generally and because other players may too, I avoided going over the budget too much. I've left plenty of physical room for more player-added things.

I believe that settlements should spring naturally from and have to deal with the problems of the natural environment above that encountered in the Fallout wasteland. The March 2019 Contest was especially about challenge, but the city is also run by people trying to get by in whatever way works best for them. The Contest is about keeping the enemy out, not about keeping the inhabitants out or stuck. When I visit, I feel that these people actually live there, work there, die there. I feel it looks like a normal settlement you’d run across randomly in the wasteland. I think that the character of each of the settlement’s areas excuses it’s reason for being there, in other words.

I hope you enjoy Croup-38, and that it feels like a normal settlement sprung up from the coastal wilderness. I will post actual submission snaps later. For now here's just some sample snapshots. I will add more later when I submit for judging. Still got a lot to do!

SS add-ons include Industrial City, Wasteland Ventures, Junktown, Scrappers, Year 1 Mega Pack, Ruined World, Sim Towers (the motel).

20190301214557_1.jpg 20190302164221_1.jpg 20190302164120_1.jpg
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Only a few days to go ;) Don't forget to put your 10 screenshots in the 1st post of this thread