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    (Since I unleashed MoreAGOMBz on my poor settlers and lost a few of them, I decided to mine every settlement. I set up a big mine factory in 88 to make nuke and bottle cap mines, because I'm trying to get away from spamming the crafting tables. Then I ran out of adhesive for the first time in 50 levels, and again, don't want to make a bunch at the stove, leading to this question:)

    Is this plot worthwhile for creating a bunch of adhesive? Does anyone have numbers?

    Thanks for any answers.
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    if it's worth it, is a hard question... I am not sure what stats or numbers you want to compare it to... The plot passively makes a new item that is basically a concentrated adhesive, that breaks down into like 10 normal adhesive that can be used for crafting. Unfortunately, I do not get a lot of playtesting in anymore, but it was a problem I used to have as well, so it sounded like a good idea when the industrial revolution update came out :)

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