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"Who can? ASAM" get out of having to do a city plan?


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Okay, so I've progressed to the point of "Who Can? ASAM".

I heard there was a way to get out of having to do a city plan, and I'd like to know how to do so. Mostly because I DO NOT want to be railroaded into doing a city plan. For a couple of reasons.
First off, I'm running most of the "Clean and Simple" series of settlement mods, and plans aren't exactly compatible for that anyway.
Second of all, besides the Yagisan ones (and Yagisan isn't making SS2 plans as far as I'm aware), I do not really like them. At all. They're horribly inefficient with their space and I just don't like the look of them. (Especially considering the place I sent them to is Outpost Zimonja... which is really the only place I could really send them in my current game as all other settlements were either too far away or already occupied.)
Third, this quest is not really working for me anyway. I get to the settlement in question, everyone is there, yet nothing happens and it doesn't progress.

So, yeah, a way to get around having to do a city plan for this quest would be highly appreciated.

PS: Is there a reliable way to kill that annoying pack brahmin they bring with? It'd be one thing if that stupid thing disappeared once they got to the settlement, but now it's just sort of there taking up space. It'd be really nice if it wasn't protected. Especially since it's already given me enough grief by telederping over to Carhenge during the whole scene with Stoge and drawing that Behemoth over.


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I THINK that when you get to the settlement you sent them to, if you say No to the "tear it all down and start the Plan" dialog box, you can just continue on the questline from there without NEEDING to do one.


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Same here, it took me hours to figure it out

With the latest SS2 update, the XDI patch no longer works, I have disabled it, the mission progresses, and I have enabled it again, issue resolved.


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Not running XDI, but with latest patch I could just say do it later to the City prompt and then speak to my chosen mayor again to complete the quest without using a plan.


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Just a side note on the "clean and simple".

I use it, and most city plans are just fine. Oberland has a couple of objects I need to move, and zimoja is right out - but most work fairly well.

Personally, I find it worth the minor efforts to move a few things in the settlement for the immersion bonus of the settlers picking up all the trash in their home.

Just a thought.


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So, I'm having this same problem (wherein the prompt never shows up) and I sent them to Croup Manor. I do not have XDI installed at this point, and it's really frustrating because this same problem arose during the Gray Matters quest where the whole thing stalled out because nothing would progress. I can't skip it or accept it because there is no prompt - I arrived and the settlement had already started building up.