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Where have all the good ones gone


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I've gotten very far in game.Before using mods I've completed all three faction choices so.I had gotten as far as helping Jake with Picking up the Pieces quest.I finished dropping the second beacon and decided to take a break from Jakes quests to turn my attention towards what settlements I had started which was only 7 I've been taking my time and letting them build .
Preston was in Sanctuary and said had a settlement for clearing which was starlight drive in .I finished the quest and began to drop my recruiting beacon when all of a sudden I noticed .A script in upper left said SS2 wasn't working.So went back to all settlements beginning with sanctuary and It's not letting me do any builds or mods to settlement.SS2 is not in tool bar .As I said I've taken my time what mods I got on had them on for a long time (months) and no problems .I check each mod if it has an update routinely.Bug or what?


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City Planner (S3)
I'd recommend posting this in the "Questions and help" part of the forum for better help. This is for announcing entries into the September City Plan contest