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Question What is that ?


New Member
There's a new problem with my beloved Starlight Factory.
Now there are such marks above each plot:20230411_091508.jpg

I don't recall such before when testing the factory, but I believe that certain conditions were violated.
Be that as it may - because of this, the sections will not be upgraded. This is not observed in other settlements - only in the "Industrial Center of the Commonwealth"
A few details about the factory itself:
There are no Residental Plots - they take up too much space - so beds are used.
There are 4 protective plots.
Because there aren't enough people, I've built a lot of cheap automatons and assigned them to most plots.



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The red "shield" icon means the Defense meter is not full (compare it to on the left side of your screen).
The red "sad face" icon means the Happiness is not high enough - it needs to be 70 or 80 for plots to upgrade. Robots always count as only having 50 Happiness no matter what you do, so that is bringing the average down. You can change that Happiness value for robots in the settings of Workshop Framework.


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Great! The process has begun! Raw materials and products flow.

Thanks for the help!

By the way, how do you like the factory?