What does the Wild Plant Greenhouse actually do?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by larkvi, Feb 17, 2019.

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    The model is beautiful, and I love it for my agricultural research station themed Greentop Nursery, but from the perspective of trying to balance settlement needs, I gave up water and fertilizer production for ... what exactly? Lots of agricultural plot models (and at least one residential plot, by Tinuvia) allow me to pick a small number of wild crops, so that doesn't seen unique, or really up to the specialized rewards of a Tier 3 Advanced Industrial.
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    Sorry for the extremely late reply, I missed this :(

    I had thought I made the water and fertilizer production carry over into the later plots, no one has marked this as a bug so I never knew I missed it sorry :)

    As for the wild plants in the normal agri plots, I can not speak on the balance issues of that, as it really was not meant for that type of production, but I made this change on day one of the industrial revolution updates to SS as an alternative to finding them in the wild. They regrow, you can pick them and they also deposit from time to time in your stash. At the time there really wasn't anything else like it, and I wanted it for me, so thought it was a cool reward. Maybe I will have to rethink the reward or change what it produces.... It has been a number of years now... Maybe a hyped-up version of what can be made from the plants.... super chems? Not sure

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