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Weird Issue In Oberland Station


Hey guys, I got a really bizarre one here. When a new settler pops into Oberland, they automatically assign themselves to the roastmasters stage for entertainment.....but I can't find it anywhere. Is there a way to highlight a certain plot from the city builder holotape?

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If you build a "City Manager Tools" from the city planners desk, it has a submenu in there that lets you 'track' certain plot types at the settlement you are currently in eg Recreational. That might help?


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As YaugieLC said, tracking it may help.
There's also the second option when mousing over the assigned settler to track ownership that could point it out with the compass pip marker.

Also maybe enter console and turn off collisions 'tcl' to check underground level in case it's z pos is way off.

Another rather long winded way requiring 2 other mods, but they really are good mods to have is:
Better Console - This gives so much more information when you enter console mode and click on objects. (press CTRL to bring up an additional menu list on the upper left of the screen - then click one of those to get additional information).
R2K's Gameplay Mods - 0005. Powergrid Tools
In console type 'cpg' to tell you if you have any power grid errors and how many power grids you have.
Type 'pg 1' will give a list in console of all the powered objects on that power grid. (can repeat if more than one power grid as seen from the cpg check).
Scroll up to find any Recreation plot entry. (can use better console function to get its position to check - or enter 'PRID {ID number}' then use the 'getpos x" , 'getpos y' 'getpos z' commands to get the plots position.
Then check to see where it is (compare co-ords with a known objects), or you could even shift your player to the location (turn off collisions first 'tcl') by clicking on your character (so ID is you 00000014 I think it is) then 'setpos x {value you got from plot}' 'setpos y {value you got from plot}' 'setpos x {value you got from plot}'
You will likely need to repeat until you locate the Toastmasters pavilion plot.