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Bug Weapon Research Assistant quest possible failure point

Buck Rampant

New Member
One minor thing, and one thing that breaks the quest but is really rare, both related to the energy scanner:

Minor: The drawings near the scanner are not flagged as VIP clutter, and don't appear if you've got clutter turned off. They probably should.

Major but rare: It's possible to have a game where neither Lorenzo nor Lorenzo's Artifact Gun are there, even if you kill Lorenzo. If you don't return to Cabot House for a couple weeks, Jack gets angry when his mom dies, leaving you with a permanent miscellaneous quest to return and no artifact gun.

So yeah, that happened to me. That meant I was unable to complete the "Scan the Cabot Family artifact" quest. The quest marker pointed at the zeta gun consolation prize, but the zeta gun did not trigger the energy scanner. I ended up just giving myself the artifact mod with console and completing it that way, but it would probably be good to let the zeta gun work.