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Walden Pond: Cannot complete it


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The Walden Pond quest doesn't complete. It's marked as cleared. I killed everyone in the shop basements. When i'm inside the basement, the quest marker is located at the exits (usually the sewers exit, unless i'm close to the shop door). When i'm outside, the quest marker is located at the sewers entrance. Talking to the Raider in Concorde doesn't give me an option to say "yes, it's cleared".
whisp, when I have a glitched quest vanilla or modded the first thing I do once I identify that a problem has occurred is to roll back the save and replay the quest.

:mosking solves some of my problems other but that is just me :wacko. If that is not for you, about all that can be done is a console command to complete the quest. I would try re-playing it first. :declare

Sorry, I don't have a console command as everything is to new. :cray but someone else in reading this thread may or have a better suggestion. :bye
Thanks for your reply. I've reloaded the last (survival) save. And restarted the game (several times, while trying different approaches to trigger the objective completion). I indeed use a lot of mods, well possible that there's something interfering. However, i'm not willing to invest the time to isolate the conflicting mod, and as long i'm the only one with this problem it certainly doesn't make sense to search for a bug in Conqueror either.

Concerning the console command i found some information in the steam forums, including how to find the quest ID, which is required to complete the quest/objective by console command.

Jacky the rat
16. Nov. 2015 um 15:54 Uhr

Ok I found out. It will require some effort to get the Quest ID.

Open your console and typ:
This will show a list of current active quests. They are listed by who assigned them to you. For example, Min02 for minuteman. For me the Weathervane quests start with RRR. So look for that.

Next: type in
"help <current quest> 0"
For example:
"help min02 0"
This will show the quest ID.

Next use the ID to complete the quest. Type:
"completequest <QuestID>"
For example:
"completequest 000B926A"

(000B926A was the id for Weathervane: Mass Bay medical center quest)

Hope this helps.
There's also a command to complete the current quest objectives instead of the whole quests: CompleteAllObjectives <QuestID>

For everyone reading (and using) this, keep in mind, that it might mess up your game.

Edit: Completing the quests by console didn't help, neither changing their stages (the stage doesn't change at all upon console command setstage)
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Can confirm the bug, same issues here. All raiders are dead but quest just want me to exit and re-enter the drainage over and over. I have restarted plenty of times and went from a much earlier save, also disabled other mods. I'm right now re-installing the settlements mods and workshop framework.

edit: That didn't work either.
The quest market never points to the raiders, only to the drainage entrance, inside and from the outside.

edit 2: The problem I see with console command out of this very annoying bug, is that when the quest is console completed, Jammer will not recognize that the quest (walden lake - Tho*something* cleaning) is done. So I guess there is something that has to be console commanded in "for the money" to let us get past this.

Edit 3 much later: After a lot of testing - I think it's the "scrap everything" mod that mucked this up. I also reinstalled many times, did a clean save and even restarted. But it works now.
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Same issue here, only scrapping mod i have is kor scavenger(if its related). I checked with fo4edit my mods for conflicts but theres nothing wrong with sim settlements or the related mods.
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This means that something prevented the quest from registering for the event it needed, likely another mod.

In 4.0.1, I changed the way Conqueror's quests start to try and avoid this potential.

If you already ran into this, run this console command:

setstage kgconq_raidergang 45