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Suggestion Voluntary vassals…

Lem0ns69 II

New Member
(Talking about my play through and the justification) So I started a new play through as a raider. Abernathy farm was the first non violent human contact my character had have, I then talked to guy who owned the farm and he said “why do all the hard work when you can just take what you want at gun point” which for role play reasons is why I became a raider but my character was still sympathetic towards the farmers and there struggle so after setting up a my hq somewhere else I came back to the farm to place a war planers desk and covert this to an outpost but it didn’t let me so then I had to either wipe them out or leave them to be pillaged by other gangs, neither of which worked with the character is was role playing. I also recently started watching the walking dead (minor spoilers for s6 and above) and saw how the saviours and the kingdom had an agreement rather then just the ‘we decide what half of your shit is’

Now for the actual system.
Either settlements that you own or settlements that are vessels of other Conqueror faction or in danger of becoming a vessel reach out to you. Voluntary vassals require a smaller amount of guards then the Normal vessel because they have guards themselves but require a little bit of extra protection from your gang (think of it like guaranteeing independence of a Country in hearts of iron 4 all it does is make people think twice before attacking it) however because it’s more autonomous and mostly protects itself it gives you less resources.

Tl;dr require less protection but give fewer resources.