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Question Video or it didn't happen!!


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So I had an issue with an Abernathy farms build where WSP moved multiple, about 80% of a large build, items out of the layer system completely.
Even though I had placed the items in the layer, at some point the game removed them from my layer and they would now show up in all layers.
Even If I picked the item up to move it to the current layer it would not. I would have to delete the item and re-add it.
So fast forward a month or so and after having wiped vortex, mods and Fallout 4 and doing a fresh install it happen again while working on a new build.
But this time I caught it happening. Not sure why this caused it, but I am pretty sure it is it.

During my prebuild scrapping I see a mini-nuke and decide not to store it and move it to a spot that I would possibly use it later at. After some building I decided to just store the mini-nuke.
And when i did most of my items that were linked to the default layer became un-linked completely. Even moving them on the current layer would not bring them back. (Auto Change Layers is On)
My current work around is just to leave the damn min-nuke alone, and not use layers at all.