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    A Sim Settlements Addon Pack containing 22 vault-themed interior plot plans, 2 city planner desks, 4 flags, and several vault-specific features.​

    PC Version on Nexus
    XBox One Version on Bethesda
    PC Version Bethesda

    Required DLC
    • Vault-Tec Workshop
    Optional DLC
    Some plot plans and vendors have extra items available with these installed.
    • Wasteland Workshop
    • Far Harbor
    • Nuka-World
    Required Mods

    22 Plot Plans
    All plans have settler navigation, a custom Level 0 construction stage, a custom under construction indicator, and Sim Settlements performance settings. All plans are prefixed with [VT] in the plan selector.
    • 10 Interior Residential Plans
      5 from Samutz, 5 from Wulfharth
    • 11 Interior Job Plans
      9 from Samutz, 2 from Wulfharth
    2 City Planner's Desk
    Found in the Sim Settlements > Vault-Tec Tools workshop menu.
    • Round Overseer's Desk
    • Regular Overseer's Desk
    4 Martial Flags
    All flags are prefixed with [VT] in the flag selector.
    • Vault 88 Flag (Clean)
    • Vault 88 Flag (Ruined)
    • Vault-Tec Flag (Clean)
    • Vault-Tec Flag (Ruined)
    8 Dynamic Furniture Pieces
    Dynamic Furniture is craftable furniture found in the Sim Settlements > Vault-Tec Tools workshop menu. These furniture objects spawn related clutter, such as food, when in use by NPCs. Use these to help fill out a vault room.
    • 6 Diner/Cafeteria Tables
    • 1 School Desk
    • 1 Bathroom Sink Combo
    Vault-Tec Tools Holotape
    Craftable at any chem station or City Planner's Desk.
    • Sliding Door Settings
      • Use City Manager Auto Close Door Setting
        If enabled, sliding vault doors will close automatically after 5 seconds, using your City Manager (Sim Settlements holotape) settings.
      • Open Doors In Workshop Mode
        If enabled, sliding vault doors will automatically open when entering workshop mode, and then close when existing workshop mode.
    • Summon Settlers
      Summon settlers based on specific conditions.
      • Missing Pipboy
      • Missing Vault Suit
    • And plot specific-settings.
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    I like this add-on. I would have liked better descriptions on the plots in game (especially where to expect to put a door) but the plans are nice.

    But the plots aren’t what makes me like this add-on the most. The Dynamic furniture is what makes me come back. Ok I also need as many interior plots as possible and these a quite nice, but the versatility of these furniture items is really in a different class. The bathrooms mirrors can be added basically anywhere, the diner tables (and stools too) I try to use as often as possible. And the class desks makes me want to have s ton of kids in that vault... now if only I could assign kids or move them that would be great but Bethesda made those kids quite useless for Sim Settlements... a shame.

    Still solid add-on!

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