Update 1.0.5 Atom's Glory - 19 more skins

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    Atom's holy Crusaders! A plethora of Neophyte-friendly homes and shops is brought to you.
    The new update, version 1.0.5 contains:

    • 19 new skins for the core Sim Settlements building plans (the 2x2 residentials, 2x2 shops, 2x2 recreational and 1x1 recreational). Now all buildings from the base SS mod has Atom themed skins!
    • new custom vault-boy animation for the quest Feed the Troops
    • sets the Baron and Rockatansky as essential (to save them from buggy accidents)



    Get the new version:
    Nexus PC here
    Bethesda.net PC here
    Bethesda.net XB1 here
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