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Question Turrets at pre-conquered settlements attacking the conquering faction and each other

Moist Brotagonist

New Member
Every settlement I come across is already in combat with itself. It seems to be the turrets that are part of the city plan attacking whatever faction is supposed to have conquered that settlement.

I'm using StartMeUp and have tried several new games as I tweak different SS and Conq settings, although the applicable ones for this issue have been the same each time and the issue has been consistent. At first I was using a bunch of different faction packs, but most recently I chose only Gunners and Raiders thinking they were fairly "vanilla" but I went to one of each type and in both cases that faction was fighting the settlement.

I haven't progressed far enough in any of these attempts to where I can start my faction and play along with Conqueror's structured faction raid mechanics. Maybe if I did that the aggros would reset and the bad guys and their turrets would be on the same page. I'd just think that each settlement should just be occupied by the bad guys and their slaves all going about their business.

I might start yet another playthrough but choose not to have any city plans prebuilt and just have the baddies standing around the vanilla settlement, although I suspect I've already narrowed the turrets down as the aggressors, I suppose this could confirm it. I'll be willing to try any other suggestions - I'm developing pretty good muscle memory for clicking through all the options that pop up between SS, Conq, and StartMeUp, so I won't mind going through it all again.

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+No More Glowing Water Coolers
+Transparent glass werks and bottles bugfix
+Baka ScrapHeap - Script Memory Limit Expander
+Sim Settlements Add on Flags
+Survival Options v1.6.2
+Configurable Hotkeys
+NPC Level Scaling
+Quieter Settlements
+Vivid Fallout - All in One
+Raze My Settlement
+Sim Settlements Faction Pack- Feral Ghouls
+Sim Settlements - Triggermen Faction Pack
+MJC Conqueror Faction Pack - Zetan Invasion
-Sim Settlements Faction Pack - The Enclave
+Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
+Workshop Plus
+Combat Helmet Illumination 2020
+Glowing Glass Fix
+No Ugly Plants And Things 2.0 - FOMOD (Fixed)
+Additional Shop and Guard position variants
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+Awareness and Limb Damage Increase
+PCPO - Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul
+Settlement Keywords Expanded v1.60
+Sim Settlements Playable Conqueror Faction - Super Mutants
+Sim Settlements Conqueror Faction Pack- The Institute
+Sim Settlements Conqueror Faction Pack - Gunners
+Sim Settlements Conqueror Children of Atom Faction Pack
+Weightless Bodies and Objects
+Spawn Settler Button
+Codsworth Out of Time Fix
+Sim Settlements Conqueror Faction Pack- Minutemen (Liberators)
+Sim Settlements Conqueror Brotherhood of Steel Faction Pack
+Smart Grenades and Mines
+Strong Back Improved - Weightless equipped apparel
+Banish Settler Button
+Railroad HQ - Direct Entrance and Exit via Manhole
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*dD-Realistic Ragdoll Force.esp
*dD-Reduced Explosion Force.esp
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*Durable Vehicles x5.esp
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*No more monochrome - Color setting for the Pipboy!.esp
*Auto Loot.esp
*dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp
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*Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop.esp
*Loot Detector Item Manager.esp
*Live Dismemberment - BrutalNoHeadshots.esp
*FogOut - Interiors - All DLC.esp
*Gm Goodneighbor Home.esp
*Railroad HQ Sewer Access.esp
*StartMeUp VIS.esp

Moist Brotagonist

New Member
Seems to be common, someone else created a post about it and only got a sarcastic reply.

I tried again with only raiders and no pre built settlements and the mobs are behaving as expected since there are no turrets. I can't claim the workshops without cheating and using the tool from Workshop Framework, I guess the reason I was able to walk up to them and claim them before had something to do with there being a SS city plan active.

Seems at this point like if I want to use city plans on pre conquered settlements I'd better just never go to any settlement prior to going through the motions and then raiding it with my faction.


Active Member
Well it does make things a'bit more interesting. @kinggath et al with all their sim settlements mods have made a hugh improvement in Fallout 4 and, hopefully, in the near future he/they will address this. For the moment, it is workable for me, recognizing I play as a liberator and generally follow these steps:
  1. scout the settlement and snipe the guards - at this point either (a) the turrets take out the guards (for example Ten Pines) or (b) I get involved and there is one heck-of a shootout :good (for example Sunshine).
  2. After becoming allied with the settlement, I scrap or store all turrets before the assault.
  3. assault the settlement as normal.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Verified Builder
Is it all turrets, or those on the plots? I have seen those on plots do this on occasion, as the code to find those and fix their allegiance is a little slow, but those in the settlement itself are generally handled very quickly.


Active Member
It appeared to be plot turrets - at Sunshine, I watched for about a minute as the martial plot turrets not only shot at the guards but also shot at other turrets in the settlement. Even after I engaged the guards, the plot turrets did not shoot at me, but at something else in the settlements.