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Member Related Trouble registering?

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If your email server isn't delivering your confirmation e-mail, you have a few options:

1. Check your spam folder, automated e-mails are frequently flagged as junk mail.
2. Whitelist in your spam settings. Some e-mail servers may have our IP address flagged as a SPAM source.

If those don't work:

3. Post a new thread here and we'll manually activate your account.
Due to excessive spammers, this is no longer an option. Please contact me through the Nexus or Youtube if you can't get access. Apologies for the inconvenience.

January 2018

We've had to make significant changes to reduce spam and unfortunately more people are having difficulty registering as a result. Please contact either Kinggath, Mimaef, or Damanding via Nexus for assistance.

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So far it seems that yahoo e-mail addresses are not working. I'm trying to get this resolved, but yahoo currently claims we aren't blocked.

Your best bet is to register with one of your existing accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Google+) or a non-yahoo e-mail address.


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If you were blocked from registration and given an error saying that you were prevented from registering as a suspected spammer please send either myself, Mimaef, or Kinggath a PM on Nexus with the IP address of the computer you tried to register from, the username you wish to use and the email address you wish to use.

If you are a human spammer trying to use this approach to register, we will not accept registrations via this method for people with brand new Nexus accounts.

Edited to add: If you are a user, unfortunately I almost never go to that site unless I need to update a mod. If you message me there I'm unlikely to get it any time soon. We will of course make exceptions for users with brand new Nexus accounts (see above) provided your account is older. I'm also really sorry about the extra step needed of contacting us via Nexus but I've got too many places to try and keep up with checking already and Nexus I at least visit every single day.
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