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Town Meeting Gavel

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This Guide was created by @woodfuzzy (Only posted by GA_Darkerside)

Town Meeting Gavel:

The handiest tool in the box. :)
Craftable at any Chemistry Station under Utilities.

Option 1: Back to Work
This will find all actors lacking assignment and confirm their variables are setup correctly so that they can be assigned things.
It will move all actors to where they should be depending on time of day. For daytime, at their jobs, for evening, at some sort of leisure activity, and at night their beds.


Option 2: Gather Around
This is a VERY powerful tool!
It will pull ALL NPC's assigned to the current settlement to you, regardless of where they are in the Commonwealth. This includes Caravans, recruit able merchants (that never showed up), run away companions.. ect.
In the City Manager 2078 Hototape >> Options>> Gameplay Options>> Usability Options>> Town Meeting: you will find an option to have them follow you around or to just say put.


Option 3: Scrap This Settlement
This is the Swiss Army Knife of the Town Meeting Gavel.
It's primary function is to scrap a settlement to it's vanilla scrapped state.
In other words.. if it can be scrapped in a pure vanilla game.. it will be scrapped and the goodies stored in the Workshop.
This includes anything you have built, or have manually linked to the Workshop. (don't worry.. your Power armor collection is safe!)
It is also used to clean up a RotC City Plan that was remotely destroyed.
It can also be used before a settlement is even claimed. Just nonchalantly stroll by, run it and boom scrapped. :)


Option 4: Time for Reassignment
This will unassign all NPCs in the settlement from everything (except for Caravan routes).

Note: The game’s default assignment code can’t be turned off, so many of the NPCs will be auto-assigned again immediately if you have vanilla beds or jobs in the settlement.

This will also offer to start a Town Meeting immediately so you can quickly re-assign everyone.
Toggling the AI Off with the console command "tai" before running this tool (with Town Meeting option) will freeze them and make it MUCH easier to re-assign them.


Vault 101 Settlement by Fuzzy
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