Town meeting gavel scrapping > plots?

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    How does the scrapping procedure of town meeting gavel work for plots (interior/normal) when the scrapped settlement has been built manually?
    Each plot I've built equals 1 fibre optics for me, and since I am not swimming in these lately, I'm very cautious about potentially losing all the plot thingy items.

    Ideally the scrapping should return all manually placed plot thingy items into my inventory.
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    If you want to save the sensors, store the plot. You might have to switch it (Customize plot option) to another type that can be stored. Do that first, then wipe everything clean. afterwards place the stored plots and reverse the process.

    it scraps workbenches as well. So if you want to keep those, you can move them just outside the settlement with Place Anywhere or if you have the local leader perks you can just store them.
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    If you have Raze My Settlement installed and would like to be a guinea-pig <_<

    After you’ve stored the plots, try running the Raze My Settlement holotape and choose the “Raze Built Settlement (Experimental)” option. It should remove everything that you’ve built in workshop mode yet leave the workbenches and any beds alone.

    Please make a save first before trying that. I’ve not had a chance to test it extensively. (Ongoing personal game issues.)

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