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To Many Settlers or Not Enough - Read Here

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TY to @Nosmorituri and @RayBo for they continuing help with these issues.

I have suggested this in the past, mainly for a variety of different reasons, but its all for the same ending.

Fear Not - The New Clever Idea
Sick of waiting for settlers, or hate the fact that you get flooded with to many lazy good for nothing S***.
Tired that when you try to evict them and they rebel causing CTD's, or just worried about riots?
Unsure of a solution, well worry no more as we introduce the new HUBurger Bar.
Pure burgers made from 100% human.
Increasing Market capacity, The HUburger widens your caps pocket.
Don't just sell to humans, sell to Supermutants, Ghouls, the old lady down the road who happen's to be a Cannibal.
Please Note HUBurger does not accept responsibilty for you getting eaten alive, which you probably will.


Outpost Zimonja
2) Outpost Zimonja

(a) Ignore Charisma - Make sure it's Disabled
(b) Build a simple base - 5 to 6 beds.
(c) Build defences.
(d) Build a Recruitment Beacon.
(d1) Or use Industrial Revolutions (IR) Recruitment Station (Much more efficient)
(e) DO NOT build recruitment Beacons in any other settlement.
(f) Pop back every now and then and move some to where you need them.

I have found that Outpost Zimonja recruits at a steady pace, maybe because it sits on the edge of the map, maybe because it is less buggy, could be for a number of reasons, however I have played through Fallout 4 a lot and this always seems to be the most stable of them all.

Its so Simple, but Fun and Lore too. YOU control who goes to where and can make sure every city you have build never goes over max.
It also assures that certain citys don't go mad, so mad that you crash when you get near them (the dreaded CTD). This can make your game unplayable, so this way, the worries gone and all you have to do is take a few minutes once in a while and move some settlers to the place you need them.

The fun part for me was that I actually enjoyed building something that resembled a recruitment area, walls with welcoming signs, jail cells, a friendly ladies house of fun ;) and so many lights you could see it for miles - well as far as the draw distance would allow, so maybe metres lol.
Not open for further replies.