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Things I learned while building for the masters.


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1. If build limit gets tight, use the console command "Getav 34a" on a item and get its draw value.
2. Changing the scale of an item may cause pathing issues.
3. Changing the angle of an item may cause pathing issues.
4. When turning an items physics off, do not expect it to stay off when SS imports it.
5. Changing the scale of an item does not appear to change draws values of it.
6. Plots that you remove for a higher level, do not stay removed.
7. Make sure you check that the stool is facing the table.
8. Foundations scaled past 500% will cause a CTD
9. Building progressive instead of regressive feels more natural
10. Pay damn close attention to the file name when saving a level using the console.

Anyone else want to share?
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Never thought of using the get draws on the items, that would have made things a bit simpler at the end when trying to tease out the last of the build limit.
I get a lot of use out of increasing scales with roofing and walls. Roof sections +80% cover the Sanctuary roofs nicely, and if wall sections don't quite fill a gap, bumping them up in size a little can be an easy fix. And of course when build limits are an issue, using one expanded item can be much more efficient than using multiple original sized ones.
The collision not playing when you rotate objects I got reminded of the hard way in this build, had at first used up-turned cargo containers for the main gate until I realised no one could walk through them.
With stools I align them by selecting the one with a back on it in the menu, point it in the right direction, then in the menu go back to the stool I want to place. Same thing with the bench with no back, the amount of times I put them down backwards before learning to place them with the backed bench first. Pity there isn't a way to do that with the usable ladders.
I agree that building up instead of down has felt much more natural, the only real issue I found was not really knowing how much I'd be able to fit in at level 3.


Rebuilding the Commonwealth.
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I found it to be a PITA building up. Plot locations become set in stone, because you can't really go back and rework it if you change your mind. But that might also be because my building style is to build the framework first, and then come back later for decorations.

Case in point, I built toilets as part of my L2 decorations. Rebuilding them at L3 was not fun. Why didn't I build them sooner - they were non functional decorations. I didn't even know I was going to have them until I looked at a finished build and went - that's a great place for toilets.

Had I worked backwards, I would have simply pulled off some nicer decorations, replaced them with crappier ones, and called it a day.

I've given up trying to rotate objects, they turn out wonky. I tried to use the scrap cars on their sides, and that was a disaster. Pathing issues, collision issues.

Biggest issue was realising items in the DLC, and items in Project Blueprint - don't have the same snap points or size. Putting the DLC item in, grabbing it's position with place everywhere, then scrapping it, and trying to set the position of the project blueprint equivalent - doesn't always work.


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I had 3 plots that I had built at lower levels that I discovered I needed to move at level 3.
I used getpos x, y, z on the level 3 plots and sensor and went back to each respective level and used setpos x, y, z to move them to the level 3 position.
I then exported them and loaded up the plan and went thru the levels. I got no double plots.
Not sure if I got lucky or if I found a work around.
Use at your own risk.


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Oh here is something I learnt, the piles of metal scrap and trash that are not just a decal from the ground decor items block pathing. I had to completely roll back a save to put back a house I scrapped. Even when you put down navmesh blocks it will not work.