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Not a bug The menu wont open


New Member
When I first open the game, instead of it coming up with the menu asking me if i wish to use Conqueror, it just plays the intro normaly. On my first playthough it worked a charm, but now, for some reason, it is not working, is there anyway to fix this?
What mod organizer are you using? Is it Conq.. installed is everything enabled?

Most important check that everything is up to date and in the right order?

A lot of mods add scripts and install at that point "things that add items to inventory like halotapes." As a routine, I disable all those mods before starting a new game and do what I call baking a save. All that means is, layer them. Keep mods that add inventory or have a pop-up notification in the vault like quest mods. ok to keep them installed just don't enable them until you exit outside the vault.

If nothing works after all the checks try reversing the order of WSFW and SS.