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    So an idea for a Mechanist faction.

    Type: Dual (Conqueror and Liberator versions)
    Prerequisite: "Restoring Order" completed.
    Requirements: Automatron (obviously)
    Recruitment Items: None (NO recruitment. See notes)
    Advantages: Soldiers are 100% Automatrons. This means they require no beds, no food, no wages, and no water. Soldiers assigned to plots can upgrade regardless of happiness level (all other requirements still apply.)
    Disadvantage: Cannot recruit normally (see below), Robots cannot gain levels (they can only be modified via a robot workbench), Hospital and Armory have no effect, 3x industrial needs, Mechanist's Lair is always your main base and cannot be changed.
    Special Plot:

    • Mechanist Rightous Robot Factory: Produces Automatron robots. This is how recruitment is done with this faction. L1 builds 1 robot in 5 days, L2 builds 1 robot in 3 days, L3 builds 1 robot in 1 day. There is no way to accelerate this process outside of building more plots. The robots built are always Scrapbots, Swarmbots, or Junkbots. There is a 1%, 3%, or 7% chance of produced robots to be a Tankbot instead.
    • Mechanist Rightous Robot Repair And Recycle: The Mechanist Faction's replacement for the (now useless) hospital. Is an industrial plot instead of a Military. Like the Hospital, it has a chance of reviving a fallen robot lost in raids or defenses (though the likelyhood of this is far lower). However, should that chance fail, it also has a chance of instead salvaging parts of the fallen automatron for parts for the next automatron. L1 has a 1% chance of revive, 27% chance of Recycle. L2 has a 7% chance of revive, and a 55% chance of recycle, L3 has a 18% chance of revive, 85% chance of recycle.
    • Mechanist Biofuel Converstion Power Plant of Rightousness: Converts Food and Water from Vassals into Biofuel, which is used to not only produce power for your plots, but also adds to your industrial score. This makes it so that taking food producing vassals actually has somewhat of a point (as Automatrons do not require food or water) and helps offset the increased industrial costs.
    Just like how the faction's soldiers are built instead of being recruited, your underbosses are also constructed. Every MRRF has a chance of producing a robobrain leader.
    Existing ones you can use are Codsworth, Curie, Ada, and Jezebel. Isabelle Cruz is also a leader, but she's autoassigned to the lair and can't be moved (if she's still alive that is, otherwise Ada is permanently locked to the Lair)

    Special Notes: Robots are not recruited (as that makes no sense.) Instead, they are created via an industrial plot which, as long as you have sufficient scrap (materials needed are the same as you need to build an automaton in the robot workbench. The Mechanist's Lair factory terminal (the same one you use to end the lockdown) comes with an option to re-enable the production line. Doing this turns the lair into one giant Mechanist Righteous Robot Factory plot that acts like 3 free MFF1s (In simcity terms, it's essentially a wonder.) This "plot" upgrades as normal.
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    Makes me want to play them, but I hate the uselessness of all the rest of the facility being outside the build zone, sigh.

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