The Lie of Vault 88

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    Word was, there was a Vault takin' new residents. Scavvers said that VaultTec had references to a vault somewhere south of Boston. Maybe the Quincy area, I don't know.

    Rumor and innuendo told me to look west from there, though. Near the ruins of Fallon's Department store, overrun by mutants and their constant warring with raiders. I found something there - a man-hole that lead into the ruins of a subway station.

    That was when it became clear t'me - the residents said was "safe as a vault", the smug ...

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    Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.53.59.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.54.37.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.55.15.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.56.22.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.58.28.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.59.06.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.59.38.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 15.59.53.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 16.01.06.png Screenshot 2020-03-31 16.01.24.png
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